The Butterfly Novels

Aimee has written a contemporary Young Adult trilogy, The Butterfly Novels under the name Denise Deegan. 

And By The Way…

And By The WaySix months ago, I lost my mum to cancer and my dad, ‘The Rockstar’, to work. Now, I don’t do close. That way I won’t get hurt.

My friend Rachel won’t let give up on me. And that’s a problem.

So is David McFadden, a guy in my class who says he wants to help. Six months ago, he could have but didn’t. Now, it’s too late. The last person I’m going to listen to is David McFadden. When he calls me Ice Queen, I’ll show him just how right he is. READ MORE

And For Your Information…

My friends, Alex and Rachel are minted. My money runs out. All the time.

After Alex’s mum died, Rachel knew how to help. It made them closer. They don’t mean to leave me out. And I try not to mind.

I have a sort-of boyfriend. We don’t talk about the stuff that matters. But it’s better than nothing, right?

I’m not even going to talk about my family.

Shoplifting wasn’t exactly on my list of things to do before I die but it makes me feel amazing. In control. Until I’m caught. And my life, weirdly, begins. READ MORE

And Actually…

DD_AA_ECVRWhen I first met Alex and Sarah – in detention – they treated me like I was normal. A human being. They actually liked me – thought it took a while to trust that. I’ve never told them about my life before I met them. I wanted a new one. A fresh start.

Now, they think I’m the strong one, the one with all the answers, the guru. No clue why.

When I get a part in a TV drama it’s all my dreams come true. It’ll also bring me face-to-face with someone from my past. But I’m a different person now. And I’m sure Rebecca is too. No matter what, there’s no way I’m going to let my past destroy my future. READ MORE


All three Butterfly ebooks are available as one box set for incredible value. READ MORE.

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‘The Butterfly Series has been some of the best reading I’ve done this year.’ LUNA’S LITTLE LIBRARY

‘(Deegan) shows considerable insight into the minefields of adolescent friendships and knows how to keep the pages turning.’ THE IRISH TIMES

‘Before I knew it, I was being sucked into this Dublin version of The OC.’ FOREVER YOUNG ADULT

‘This is an absolute gem of a series.’ I WANT TO READ THAT

‘The novels so far would make a brilliant television mini-series.’ CHICKLISH


All three Butterfly ebooks are available as one box set for incredible value. The Whale, The Goldfish and Senor Martin is the story of how Alex, Sarah and Rachel first met. It’s a novella rather than a novel so consider it a chocolate rather than a full box. That’s why it’s just 99c plus tax.