Free Christmas Story

‘A wonderful, warm read that’s guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings,’ author, Colette Caddle. 

Merry Christmas, everyone and a big thank you to my readers for all your support! I’d love to gift you a copy of this magical, Christmas short story to get you into the spirit of the season. If you’ve already read it, please feel free to gift it to family and friends you feel might enjoy it.

To receive a copy just click here: pop in your details and it’ll be on its merry way to you. To gift it, just send the link to someone you love. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a magical 2018.



Free Ebook – The Accidental Life of Greg Millar

free on amazon.
free on amazon for 5 days

Starting today, for five days, The Accidental Life of Greg Millar is free on and In fact, it is free on all amazons.

Previously published by Penguin Ireland as Love Comes Tumbling, it is a moving drama about how far we go for the people we love. It received the following reviews:

‘A fantastic read’ – THE RTE GUIDE

‘Has the sparky dialogue, fresh story lines and believable characters her fans have come to expect’ – THE IRISH TIMES

‘A captivating and moving story’ – THE IRISH INDEPENDENT

‘Will challenge and entertain in equal measure’ – THE SUNDAY INDEPENDENT

For those of you (like my dentist) who are unfamiliar with ebooks, you don’t need a Kindle to read them. You just download the (free) Kindle App onto your computer, iPad or phone and Bob’s your Uncle.

Sincerely hope you enjoy the ride.

Mild Panic

I went on this morning to check my little ebook – as you do – and had a mild panic attack. Instead of the heartwarming $0.00 sign that pops up when the book is on offer for free, the full price stared me in the face. ‘Oh yeah, what are you going to do about that?’ it said.

I thought about the ads that I had set up to let readers know of my Halloween gift. Would I ever be able to hold my head high again? A swift email to amazon followed. Then more checking. And more checking.

I am happy to say, from where I am lying collapsed on the floor in relief, Pause to Rewind is FREEEE until Sunday. Happy Halloweeeeen!

Pause to Rewind freeee