Free Christmas Story

‘A wonderful, warm read that’s guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings,’ author, Colette Caddle. 

Merry Christmas, everyone and a big thank you to my readers for all your support! I’d love to gift you a copy of this magical, Christmas short story to get you into the spirit of the season. If you’ve already read it, please feel free to gift it to family and friends you feel might enjoy it.

To receive a copy just click here: pop in your details and it’ll be on its merry way to you. To gift it, just send the link to someone you love. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a magical 2018.



Feeling like Forrest Gump

still standing

Feeling a bit like Forrest Gump after Hurricane Carmen.

This was my first Christmas as a self-publisher. I went in blind. Because I love Christmas, I offered my short story, Checkout Girl, for free and reduced the price of Pause to Rewind to 99c. I did not expect sales to fall.

I had not taken into account amazon’s Christmas promotions – where they slash the prices of high profile bestsellers. It was like sailing into a hurricane. All I could do was wait for it to pass and hope I was still afloat.

I had set up announcements of my offers to appear on various websites throughout Christmas. They had little impact. Pause to Rewind slipped to a ranking of about #20,000.

The last announcement I had lined up – with – was on New Year’s Eve. At this point, I did not expect a result. I was trying to make a deadline for an article I’d been commissioned to write (on my self-publishing adventure) for when really I should have been preparing for guests who were on their way to help us ring in the New Year. To check a fact, I went onto Pause to Rewind had jumped to around #4,000 in ranking, reaching #7 in medical fiction on Kindle. I felt like Forrest after the hurricane, still standing, and sailing my Jenny blindly onward.

in the name of adventure…

dfw-aa-cg-cover-midI don’t like looking at photos of myself, at the best of times. I like hearing my voice much less than that. And yet, in the name of adventure, I’m sharing the promo for the audiobook of my short story, Checkout Girl – which is currently caught up in the stampede of people wishing to publish audiobooks – which, apparently, sprang from nowhere, two weeks ago.

In other news, just to keep him on his toes, I’ve challenged my inner techie (the size of a human cell) and set up a facility for readers to get news of books, offers, etc by email. For a normal person, this would have been a simple process – just sign up to Mailchimp and click a few buttons. For me, there was head-banging involved. Slow, repeated head-banging against a wall. And then, I finally noticed what had been staring me in the face the whole time and MASTERED it. Yaay! So please do sign up – so all the head-banging will have been worth it.

adventure leads to adventure

Today, I had the most challenging of mornings. Hats off to actors, presenters…to anyone, basically, that uses their voice for a living. I have recorded my first audio book. So, very, hard.

We, Irish, speak softly. Our words are not clipped; they merge into each other at times, blur, blend. They are gentle. I never gave that thought, until this morning.

dfw-aa-cg-cover-midWhile recording my Christmas short story, Checkout Girl, I had to concentrate on making my words distinct. At the same time, I had to make the story come alive. I had to be the main character, not the author. I had to tell, not read, the story. Tricky, given that I was reading. Dear God Almighty. It was tough.

All of the following were required: full-blown concentration, deep breathing, arm swinging, shoulder loosening, water gulping, throat clearing, sneaky page turning. And animation.

BUT. It was an adventure. I had not planned to produce an audio book. Two days ago, it wasn’t on the cards. Then I bumped into the powerhouse that is Helen Shaw of Athena Media, who simply said, ‘Let’s do an audiobook.’ And now we have. It will be a while before it appears on amazon; interestingly, there has been a sudden rush to publish audio books in the last two weeks.

And so another, unexpected, step forward in the adventure that is self-publishing. So glad I took that first step.

Christmas Story

dfw-aa-cg-cover-midI have been sooo quiet. This is because I’ve been as busy as a Christmas elf (excuse the analogy – tis the season of getting away with terrible similes):

What, you might ask, have I been up to? Well, I’ve been editing The Accidental Life of Greg Millar so that it is ready to publish on December 27th. I’ve been working on a paperback of Pause to Rewind which I would LOVE to have out for Christmas, but can’t promise. And I’ve been editing and finding a lovely cover for a Christmas short story called Checkout Girl – the little baby, there, on your left. If your heart is in need of warming, or your spirits uplifting, this might just do the trick. No promises, mind. Happy Christmas.