Reader Offer!

Very happy to announce that Lake Union Publishing is offering the ebook of my novel The Accidental Life of Greg Millar for 99c on for the month of May. THE ACCIDENTAL LIFE OF GREG MILLAR FC copy

This story begs the questions:

“How far would you go for the person you love?”

“How well do we really know the people we fall for?”

Graphic designer Lucy meets novelist Greg and falls hard and fast. He’s like no one she’s ever met, an effervescent vitamin C tablet on full dissolve. Engaged after just weeks, Lucy is prepared to become step-mom to Greg’s two children, Rachel and Toby. But on holiday in the South of France, Greg’s behaviour begins to cause concern. Or does it? How effervescent is too effervescent? Having lost his wife (just as Lucy has lost her fiancé), isn’t Greg’s philosophy Live Till You Die? And shouldn’t hers be? How much is too much and when and should Lucy draw the line?

You can check out the book HERE.

What the critics say:

“Has the sparky dialogue, fresh story lines and believable characters her fans have come to expect.” – THE IRISH TIMES

“A captivating and moving story.” – THE IRISH INDEPENDENT

“Will challenge and entertain in equal measure.” – THE SUNDAY INDEPENDENT

“A fantastic read.” – THE RTE GUIDE

“The Accidental Life of Greg Millar is a five-star read. Aimee Alexander writes captivating, heart-wrenching stories with three-dimensional characters that pull you into their convoluted lives. Like her last book, Pause to Rewind, Alexander reduced me to tears more than once but kept the story unfolding at such a pace I couldn’t put it down. She handles delicate subject matter too, with bravery and insight. I got an education as well as a damn good story. I highly recommend this book.” Best-selling author, SUZY DUFFY

“A roller-coaster read with strong, credible characters. Pick it up and you won’t put it down!” – Best-selling author, COLETTE CADDLE.


Reader Offer!

ForBlank white book w/path a limited time, Pause to Rewind, is on offer at 99c (plus whatever tax your government applies).

This 4.6 star-reviewed, #1 bestseller follows the story of Jenny, who must face her past in order to save her son, Charlie’s, future.

“Nicholas Sparks watch out,” bestselling author, Suzy Duffy.

The offer is available on and Check it out here: Pause to Rewind.

Free Ebook – The Accidental Life of Greg Millar

free on amazon.
free on amazon for 5 days

Starting today, for five days, The Accidental Life of Greg Millar is free on and In fact, it is free on all amazons.

Previously published by Penguin Ireland as Love Comes Tumbling, it is a moving drama about how far we go for the people we love. It received the following reviews:

‘A fantastic read’ – THE RTE GUIDE

‘Has the sparky dialogue, fresh story lines and believable characters her fans have come to expect’ – THE IRISH TIMES

‘A captivating and moving story’ – THE IRISH INDEPENDENT

‘Will challenge and entertain in equal measure’ – THE SUNDAY INDEPENDENT

For those of you (like my dentist) who are unfamiliar with ebooks, you don’t need a Kindle to read them. You just download the (free) Kindle App onto your computer, iPad or phone and Bob’s your Uncle.

Sincerely hope you enjoy the ride.

The Problem With Giveaways

a steal at 99c

There is nothing like a little win. That lovely air-punchy feeling you get to be the chosen one.

The problem with me – and call me naive (if you have to) – but when I run a giveaway, I want everyone to win.

1469 people entered the Goodreads Giveaway I just ran for The Accidental Life of Greg Millar. That’s five happy people. 1464 disappointed. Maths guru that I am.

And so, for those 1464 – and for anyone else who feels in the mood – for a limited period ‘Greg Millar’ will be a mere 99c on or 99p on The Accidental Life of Greg Millar is a Kindle Unlimited book.

What One Review Can Do

the masterpiece
the masterpiece

I have two names for last Saturday: Black Saturday & The Day The Music Died.

That day, I had a choice – to attend a self-publishing seminar (which promised all manner of tools to boost my sales) or go, as planned, to a day of ‘play’ through art. I debated. Who doesn’t want to boost their sales? On the other hand, I had promised to support a friend who was running an art workshop; I did not want to let her down. In the end, I chose friendship and fun. That’s the resulting masterpiece, right there.

On Saturday night, as though the Universe, infuriated by my choice, struck with a spectacular bolt of lightening. My sales – yes, all of them, tanked. Died. Overnight. If only I hadn’t missed that talk on algorithms. Or that discussion about how an author upped her sales to 70,000 with secret know-how. My masterpiece was no comfort.

A week later, still in silent shock, I went on to to see if there had been any improvement. Like battle-weary soldiers, my babies were limping along. Then, I spied, like a spring flower popping up out of the ground, this review. My little flattened heart began to reinflate. It even soared a little. Here was the reminder that I needed that is not all about sales and algorithms and results, it’s about reaching people and THAT is why I write.

So, thank you, Linda Brooks, whoever you are, for sharing the love – and to all readers who take the time to do so. I hope you realise the impact that you can have.

If anyone reading this blog would like an electronic review copy of Pause to Rewind or The Accidental Life of Greg Millar, please contact me. Onward, me hearties.

Pause To Go Forward

this nice slippery crossroad was photographed by John Ivory
this nice slippery crossroad was photographed by John Ivory

So, last Friday, I reached my first big crossroads. I stood at it. Put my foot out, took it back in. Out. In. On repeat. The decision probably doesn’t seem like a huge one – to stay with amazon exclusively or go for wider distribution. My first three months on KDP Select with Pause to Rewind were up. There seemed a lot at stake.

Pause to Rewind has a pretty respectable ranking on It’s selling nicely and quite a few people are borrowing it through Kindle Unlimited which, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, is like Netflix for books. Leaving KDP Select would mean leaving Kindle Unlimited. I wasn’t sure I was ready to do that.

Kindle Unlimited has got a lot of flack lately with many authors reporting a loss of sales since it began. The fact is, it exists. Readers who have enrolled will, I assume, chose Kindle Unlimited books over others. Another disincentive to leave is the risk of the book falling in the amazon rankings, making discovery harder.

On the flipside, using other distribution channels such as iTunes would increase potential sales. And it would seem the next logical step in my self-publishing adventure. However, there is the issue of visibility. How would I get Pause to Rewind to stand out amongst all the other books sold through these channels? On amazon, I can play with the price and promote special offers. Elsewhere there is less price flexibility. I’m told by friends who have been self-publishing longer than I have, that the best way to stand out on other distribution channels (if you’re not already a household name) is to make one of you books permafree. I might do that with a short story or maybe the first in a series but not a stand-alone novel. Way too much blood, sweat and tears shed in its creation. Way, too, much.

And so I have chosen a road. It’s the same one I was already on. It does seem to be going against a lot of the advice I’ve read about the changing world of amazon since the advent of Kindle Unlimited. But it feels right for me – for now. If it proves to be a mistake, then in three months, I change tack.

And while that three months is ticking away, I will promote my second Aimee Alexander novel, The Accidental Life of Greg Millar and work ahead with editing my third. Better to go into territories new with more then one offering anyway, me thinks. Though, as you know, I’m just feeling my way.

Second Novel Published

squint and you'll see an angel
squint and you’ll see an angel

After two months in the wilderness, Pause to Rewind has a companion. Today, The Accidental Life of Greg Millar, makes its debut. I love the cover. I especially love that when you squint, you can see an angel – a happy accident.

Here’s the story:

Lucy Arigho is not the sort to be swept off her feet. She is sober, career-minded and numb since the death of her fiancé. It’s completely out of character for her to race a man in traffic – and even more unusual when they meet again and she is irritated, intrigued and finally enraptured by the driver, author Greg Millar. Within eight weeks, she is considering his pleas to marry him and wondering if she can take on his two motherless children. But before she can make a decision about becoming part of Greg’s world, events plunge her right into it. Her careful existence unravels and she must figure out how to handle two vulnerable children and face the fact that she doesn’t really know the man whose life has so overwhelmed hers.

Here’s what the critics have to say:

‘…has the sparky dialogue, fresh story lines and believable characters her fans have come to expect.’ IRISH TIMES

‘A captivating and moving story.’ IRISH INDEPENDENT

‘Will challenge and entertain in equal measure.’ SUNDAY INDEPENDENT

‘A fantastic read.’ RTE Guide.

The Accidental Life of Greg Millar is now available on and I hope you enjoy. Happy Christmas.