All We Have Lost…new look

All We Have Lost has a new look! So much thanks to all my lovely readers for advising on this new cover, which I love:

Kim Waters seems to have it all: her own PR agency, a loving husband and two cute kids. Kim dreams of writing ‘the great novel’ and spending more time with her young family. Then, one day, after much debating, she does it. She folds her business to follow her dream. Only to discover that the ‘great novel’ is, in fact, a great struggle. Life as a domestic goddess has (many) hidden challenges. And her relationship with her husband, Ian, is losing equilibrium. As the perfect life Kim has built for herself starts to crumble comes the revelation that will make her doubt everything she had taken for granted…

Goodbye Dear Friend

Istrabraq by Nicola Russell

I hope they never take down the painting of racehorse, Istabraq, at Dublin airport. Every time I see it I think of the person who created it, the very talented, very wonderful Nicola Russell, who died this week. The world has lost an incredible artist and a very special person. I have lost a friend.

I met Nicola at an artists’ retreat. We became immediate friends. We made each other laugh. We connected. Nicola inspired me to set out on the road to self-publishing.

I am so grateful to have had Nicola as a friend. I’m grateful for the fun we had and the inspiration and encouragement she gave so freely. I was so happy to dedicate my novel, All We Have Lost, to her and am grateful that she got to see that. I am greatly comforted by the fact that Nicola will live on in the great work she has left behind.

This really does seem to be a Carpe Diem week.

Rest in peace, hon. x