Box of Words

img_0826So this arrived! Never before have I been as excited about a box of words. Working with Lake Union Publishing is proving the best adventure.

The Accidental Life of Greg Millar will be published on April 26th but can be ordered now to arrive on the 26th – as a paperback, ebook or audiobook from and All the amazons actually!





My Favourite Cover of All Time



So! Here we have it. The Lake Union Publishing cover of The Accidental Life of Greg Millar. I love, love, love it. I look at it when I need a boost. And now finally I am sharing it.

How I feel about this cover is how I feel about working with Lake Union Publishing – so incredibly happy. Sorry for being so gushy. I, just, can’t, help it.

This little baby – with such great edits – will be available on April 26th. And I can tell you now: I will be celebrating.

Possibly My Last Promotion

free on amazon

To celebrate Christmas, I’m offering The Accidental Life of Greg Millar for free for a limited period. It will probably be my last giveaway as Lake Union Publishing have bought the rights and will publish on April 26th 2016. Yaay!

And can I just say to anyone considering publication with Lake Union Publishing, working with them has been, singularly, the best publishing experience I have had since I began all those years ago.

Every aspect of the publishing experience has been not only painless but a pleasure – yes, even the contract end of things. Their editing was top notch. The cover they have produced is AMAZING – if ever I need a boost, I go and gaze on it in wonder. I love, love, love it. And can’t wait till April.

In the meantime, enjoy ‘Greg’ (, before his final and splendid incarnation. And Happy Christmas!


An Unexpected Step in my Publishing Adventure

Yes, I have been quiet. So quiet that when I went into Wordpress to write this post I thought: Will I remember how to do this? 

It seems I do. So now the news…

Lake Union Publishing has acquired The Accidental Life of Greg Millar. I have signed a contract. I have edited my baby one more – very enjoyable – time. And I look forward to publication in April 2016.

originalHere’s how it began. One day, I received a phone call from one of Lake Union Publishing’s commissioning editors. She had read the reviews that my novels were receiving on Amazon, had read each book personally and then fallen in love with ‘Greg’. She made an offer. It was as simple and unexpected as that.

This most recent publishing adventure has been a lovely experience so far. Everything has moved ahead at a lovely pace. The editing has been superb, my editor inspiring. I have been consulted at every step of the process. I now look forward to seeing my new cover.

Until April, The Accidental Life of Greg Millar remains available on Amazon. And I hope to be a little less quiet here on my blog.