the latest adventure


Had I not been a writer, I would never have discovered Facebook or Twitter. Without social media, I wouldn’t have had such fun or met so many great people. Once, I went on a road trip to the Romantic Novelists’ Association conference in the UK with three people I met on twitter. Let’s just say, friendships are forged through road trips!

Two weeks ago, I decided that Instagram had existed for far too long without me experimenting with it. So…I experimented. Somehow I created two accounts. DeeganDenise and DeniseDeegan. Once I managed to get myself back to one person – DeniseDeegan – I began to relax and enjoy.

At first, enjoyment meant admiring incredible photos of travel and nature posted by accounts such as National Geographic; the world is an amazing place. In terms of posting myself, I wasn’t sure where to start. Then I just thought, F**k it. Post whatever you like. In doing so, I’ve – surprisingly – learned a little about myself – mostly what I like. Nature, art and books.

So thanks Instagram – and writing – for opening up my world a little bit more.


he didn’t read my books…

My man in my life (long) before we met! Cute, eh?

The man in my life has never read my books. Many people think this odd, unsupportive, and possibly many more things they are too polite to admit. Author friends have partners who help them edit. Others are just like me – left to their own devices.

Do I mind? No. It’s just the way it is. If I recall, I think these were his reasons:

  • He doesn’t read fiction and wouldn’t want to react or advise without any expertise.
  • He’d feel too close to me to advise without it becoming personal – wise man!
  • He has never recovered from the time a chat show host asked me live on air if we performed the same manoeuvres in bed that my characters did.

Whatever the reason, this has become the status quo. And I like it.

Then, the other day, a box of audiobooks of The Accidental Life of Greg Millar arrived from Lake Union Publishing in Seattle. We were just heading out. He grabbed one.

‘Let’s listen to this in the car,’ he said.

My stomach tightened. ‘Let’s not.’ To hear my words read aloud with him sitting beside me! Dear God, I’d rather die.

Ignoring me, he banged it into the CD player – to the beautiful sound of silence. What he had grabbed was an MP3 CD. They don’t play in ordinary CD players. Not that I knew that; I’m new to this audiobook business. Point is: I was saved.

Then, today, another box arrived. You’ve guessed it, the other kind of audiobook, the one that will play in the car. (Impressive use of technical jargon there, you’ll notice). In any case, he is OUT THERE NOW, DRIVING AROUND, LISTENING. And I don’t like it. I really don’t like it.


THE ACCIDENTAL LIFE OF GREG MILLAR FC copyLake Union Publishing have just been in touch to let me know that they are running a giveaway of The Accidental Life of Greg Millar on Goodreads. They have twenty copies of the paperback to giveaway to people in the US and UK. Just click on this link to enter: giveaway.

If you have already read what I affectionately call ‘Greg’ you can of course enter for someone else you think might like the book. Or just share this information with them. Good luck!



Box of Words

img_0826So this arrived! Never before have I been as excited about a box of words. Working with Lake Union Publishing is proving the best adventure.

The Accidental Life of Greg Millar will be published on April 26th but can be ordered now to arrive on the 26th – as a paperback, ebook or audiobook from and All the amazons actually!




My Favourite Cover of All Time



So! Here we have it. The Lake Union Publishing cover of The Accidental Life of Greg Millar. I love, love, love it. I look at it when I need a boost. And now finally I am sharing it.

How I feel about this cover is how I feel about working with Lake Union Publishing – so incredibly happy. Sorry for being so gushy. I, just, can’t, help it.

This little baby – with such great edits – will be available on April 26th. And I can tell you now: I will be celebrating.