All We Have Lost


Kim Waters seems to have it all: her own PR agency, a loving husband and two adorable children. Then Kim announces that she’s fed up plugging Flush toilet cleaner and writing sparkling press releases for mediocre products; she wants to write ‘the great novel’ and spend more time with her young family. She folds her business and settles down to a life of cosy domesticity.

If only it were that easy. The ‘great novel’ is, in fact, a great struggle. Life as a domestic goddess has (many) hidden challenges. And her relationship with her husband is rapidly losing its equilibrium. As the perfect life Kim has built for herself starts to crumble comes the revelation that will make her doubt everything she had taken for granted…

‘A hugely enjoyable book that delves with an assured, smart tone into big themes… entertaining and funny.’ – THE IRISH TIMES

‘A quick-paced, intelligent personal adventure written in witty, fluid prose.’ – THE SUNDAY INDEPENDENT

‘A stunning tale of modern marriage, written with wit, passion and flair.’ – AUTHOR CATHERINE DUNNE

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