Reader Offer

THE ACCIDENTAL LIFE OF GREG MILLAR FC copyFor the month of November, Lake Union Publishing is running special offers on paperback and ebook editions of The Accidental Life of Greg Millar in various markets. The paperback is reduced widely. The ebook is down to $1.99 in the US. You can check out the offers in your market here: OFFERS

This is the first time that the paperback has been on sale. For those who have read an enjoyed the book, it might make a nice gift idea.

A very happy Thanksgiving to those in the US.


2 thoughts on “Reader Offer

  1. I was so moved by ‘The Accidental Life of Greg Millar” (and probably a little in love with Greg ;)!! Left me wanting more.. what about continuing with Grace’s story, or Rob’s? Or maybe an Epilogue with some poetic justice for Hillary. :).


    1. Thank you so much, Laura. That is so lovely to hear. I love your suggestions. I’ll definitely give them some thought, thank you. I am currently working on adapting the book for film so when my time eases up…. All the very best for now. And thanks again.


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