Call It Magic


Well, that was a lovely week. Don’t want it to be over, really. Over 60,000 people  downloaded The Accidental Life of Greg Millar. For three days, it ranked #1 in free books on amazon and for five, stayed at #1 in British and Irish fiction, #1 in Sagas and #1 in Women’s Fiction.

‘Well, it WAS free,’ I hear you say. True. It was. My coffers are not bulging. BUT. My baby has travelled – as evidenced by some of the reviews, my favourite from ‘Cajun great grandmother.’ Cajun great grandmother. I LOVE that.

Writing is solitary. And with three million books on amazon (at least), it is easy to feel a little lost. When I announced this promotion, so many people got behind it. They shared news of it on Facebook. They tweeted. Told their friends. When this kind of support pops up uninvited, it is the most wonderful, special thing.

So thank you, thank you, to everyone who downloaded my baby, everyone who reviewed it, signed up for my newsletter and everyone who has – and continues to –  spread the love. I call it magic.


2 thoughts on “Call It Magic

  1. I loved the book! The two protagonists were ery believable characters who despite their human frailty and struggles inspire you with their capacity to love and be selfless. I bought “Pause to Rewind” immediately after finishing “Greg Millar” and loved it too. Can’t wait for your next novel. Yes, your babies have travelled.

    A Kenyan fan


    1. Hi Angela, thanks so much for getting in touch – from Kenya, how wonderful! So glad you enjoyed my babies. It was wonderful of you to take the time to let me know. Thank you. I am working away on my next – which will definitely be out this year. If you would like to sign up for my newsletter I’ll let you know as soon as I have a release date. Also, you will recieve a complimentary copy of my short story, Checkout Girl. Hope life is good in Kenya. Aimee x


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