What One Review Can Do

the masterpiece
the masterpiece

I have two names for last Saturday: Black Saturday & The Day The Music Died.

That day, I had a choice – to attend a self-publishing seminar (which promised all manner of tools to boost my sales) or go, as planned, to a day of ‘play’ through art. I debated. Who doesn’t want to boost their sales? On the other hand, I had promised to support a friend who was running an art workshop; I did not want to let her down. In the end, I chose friendship and fun. That’s the resulting masterpiece, right there.

On Saturday night, as though the Universe, infuriated by my choice, struck with a spectacular bolt of lightening. My sales – yes, all of them, tanked. Died. Overnight. If only I hadn’t missed that talk on algorithms. Or that discussion about how an author upped her sales to 70,000 with secret know-how. My masterpiece was no comfort.

A week later, still in silent shock, I went on to amazon.com to see if there had been any improvement. Like battle-weary soldiers, my babies were limping along. Then, I spied, like a spring flower popping up out of the ground, this review. My little flattened heart began to reinflate. It even soared a little. Here was the reminder that I needed that is not all about sales and algorithms and results, it’s about reaching people and THAT is why I write.

So, thank you, Linda Brooks, whoever you are, for sharing the love – and to all readers who take the time to do so. I hope you realise the impact that you can have.

If anyone reading this blog would like an electronic review copy of Pause to Rewind or The Accidental Life of Greg Millar, please contact me. Onward, me hearties.


2 thoughts on “What One Review Can Do

  1. You helped out a friend…I do believe what goes around comes around, Amee. The positive review is just a beginning for your generosity and love. But it does feel good when heaven smiles down at you…in response to what appears to be a smack in the head? Keep the faith.


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