Publishing News

squint and you'll see an angel
squint and you’ll see an angel

Well, now you can thumb through it. Bend back the corner of a page. Smell it. Throw it at someone. Steady a chair with it. Hold a window open with it. Gift it to someone you love. Hide a weapon in it. I could go on. But. The news is: The Accidental Life Of Greg Millar is now available in paperback.

If this was Hollywood, I’d pitch it like this: Are you SURE you really know the man you love?

Oh yeah. That got you thinking.


2 thoughts on “Publishing News

  1. I love e-books but probably the thing I miss most is the smell of a real book. You can do lots of the other things with an e-reader (eg, throw it at someone, though I wouldn’t recommend steadying a chair with one!), but the smell of a real book has yet to be emulated! Wishing you lots of success with the paperback 🙂


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