Feeling like Forrest Gump

still standing

Feeling a bit like Forrest Gump after Hurricane Carmen.

This was my first Christmas as a self-publisher. I went in blind. Because I love Christmas, I offered my short story, Checkout Girl, for free and reduced the price of Pause to Rewind to 99c. I did not expect sales to fall.

I had not taken into account amazon’s Christmas promotions – where they slash the prices of high profile bestsellers. It was like sailing into a hurricane. All I could do was wait for it to pass and hope I was still afloat.

I had set up announcements of my offers to appear on various websites throughout Christmas. They had little impact. Pause to Rewind slipped to a ranking of about #20,000.

The last announcement I had lined up – with www.fkbt.com – was on New Year’s Eve. At this point, I did not expect a result. I was trying to make a deadline for an article I’d been commissioned to write (on my self-publishing adventure) for www.writing.ie when really I should have been preparing for guests who were on their way to help us ring in the New Year. To check a fact, I went onto amazon.com. Pause to Rewind had jumped to around #4,000 in ranking, reaching #7 in medical fiction on Kindle. I felt like Forrest after the hurricane, still standing, and sailing my Jenny blindly onward.


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