Christmas gifts from me to you…

ho, ho, ho
ho, ho, ho

Christmaaaas! Yaaay!

Yes, I’m one of those people.

I can’t go by a snow globe without shaking it. I believe in Santa Claus. I’ve already watched Elf. I love that there is a time of year when people remember each other. I love lie-ins, log fires and snuggling up to read.

To share the love, I’m gifting Checkout Girl, the story of what happens when a Christmas angel takes a detour. Just visit or, download and snuggle. Here’s an idea: if you like it, you could gift it to friends for free by sending them the link. And for complete Gift Karma, you could review it on amazon – for moi.

Because I’ve used up all the free-days open to me with amazon, I can’t offer my novel, Pause to Rewind, for free. But I CAN lower the price to 99c in the US and 77p in the UK. So, that’s what I’ve done. Visit or

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and, for 2015, a most excellent and bodacious adventure.


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