adventure leads to adventure

Today, I had the most challenging of mornings. Hats off to actors, presenters…to anyone, basically, that uses their voice for a living. I have recorded my first audio book. So, very, hard.

We, Irish, speak softly. Our words are not clipped; they merge into each other at times, blur, blend. They are gentle. I never gave that thought, until this morning.

dfw-aa-cg-cover-midWhile recording my Christmas short story, Checkout Girl, I had to concentrate on making my words distinct. At the same time, I had to make the story come alive. I had to be the main character, not the author. I had to tell, not read, the story. Tricky, given that I was reading. Dear God Almighty. It was tough.

All of the following were required: full-blown concentration, deep breathing, arm swinging, shoulder loosening, water gulping, throat clearing, sneaky page turning. And animation.

BUT. It was an adventure. I had not planned to produce an audio book. Two days ago, it wasn’t on the cards. Then I bumped into the powerhouse that is Helen Shaw of Athena Media, who simply said, ‘Let’s do an audiobook.’ And now we have. It will be a while before it appears on amazon; interestingly, there has been a sudden rush to publish audio books in the last two weeks.

And so another, unexpected, step forward in the adventure that is self-publishing. So glad I took that first step.


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