This, is, personal


Took that shot myself. Just want to get that in there.

So this is where I come to document my journey into, not only self-publishing, but self-discovery. Bear with me.

Writing a novel and putting it out into the world is like offering up a tiny part of yourself to be sampled and judged. You do it because something inside (something that defies logic) drives you to.

Choosing to go a step further, to take responsibility for every aspect of each book, is proving personal in a different way.

Here’s where I uncharacteristically spill:

The name I have chosen to use to reinvent myself is that of my children combined. The little boy on the cover of Pause to Rewind is my son, Alex, when he was little. Even the title has meaning to me: my daughter, when she was small used to say, ‘Rewind me,’ instead of ‘Remind me.’

I was nervous showing the cover of Pause to Rewind to my, now taller than me, son. This is what he said: ‘Mum, this is the first time I’m excited about one of your books.’ I feel the same.

For me, there is magic in this. An actual buzz. Seeing the final book cover. Watching it ‘go live’ on amazon. Even blogging. I have never wanted to blog in my life. Now I have something to say, to share. Maybe no one wants to hear; I don’t actually care. I’m thinking of it as the Big Brother Diary Room – probably best not to go in but what the hell; you’ve something to say.

I thought that excitement had gone from my writing career maybe even my life. This IS a surprise.


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