The Peculiar Dilemma of An Intrepid Self-Publisher

When I told an author friend of my new adventure in publishing, she identified two issues, both of them sound:

1. I had a really good social media ‘platform’ (yeah, we talk like that) with my original name. As Aimee Alexander, I would lose that.

After consideration (because she had a point), I had this to say:

‘I don’t want to be connected to my traditionally published self. Aimee Alexander is like a different person, a part of me that has been lying dormant for too long, the dynamic part. As my old self, I couldn’t blog. I felt I had nothing to say that would interest anyone. THIS is a journey, not just in publishing but in self discovery. It is personal. I can only do it as Aimee Alexander. And so, I’m happy to sacrifice my ‘social media platform.’

2. What if someone buys this book (at admittedly amazing value) and discovers they have read it before when it was traditionally published.

Initially, I argued that this was unlikely given that the original market was Ireland and Aimee Alexander had her sights on THE WORLD. (She laughed.)

Then I argued that, if the blurb sounded familiar, people had an option to ‘Look Inside.’

In the end, there really was only one option. On amazon where people buy the book, and in the book itself, I reveal the details of the book as it was traditionally published. But here, in my safe place, on this blog, I will not mention who I am.

And now let’s hear it for honest, caring, concerned friends. Where would we be without them?


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